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The German Bus Trip To The Party!
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The News:

Welcome to the page about the bustrip to THE PARTY 2k+1 held in Denmark.

You can also get all the info in a zip file as text or Commodore 64 versions.

December 3rd 2002:  For even MORE pleasure: Here are MORE upcoming parties!!
Hi sceners...

I'm just here to let you know about some more very interesting events
you should consider supporting with your personal presence to keep the scene alive
also in future! ;-)

So here is a list of upcoming parties I definitely respect for their
hard scene-work to give *YOU* the chance to have lotsa fun:

- 27.12. - 29.12. TUM (check it out at: !)
- 24.01. - 26.01. 0a000h (check it out at: !)

and as the honourable Mekka Symspoium won't take place anymore
there's a 'new' alternative in the following absolutely NEW event called:

- 18.04. - 21.04. Breakpoint (check it out at: !)

Well, that's it for now! I hope I could give you some more hints and tips
with those nice SCENE-parties and hope to see you *ALL* ;-) there in
the near future then!

Have fun,
your (ex-)THE BUS organizer!

...and always remember: KEEP THE SCENE SPIRIT ALIVE!!!

November 2nd 2002:  TP is dead....Long live TUM\'02...
Hiho dear THE BUS attenders and sceners...

As you might have already seen on the latest TP homepage at
TP seems to be finally *DEAD* for sceners this year! It's really _very_ sad to have to
realize and accept this but as TP organizers seem to never learn again _where_ their
roots have been when they started TP back in 1991 as a *pure* scene party time has
finally come for sceners to turn their back on them and leave them alone for an
uncertain period of time in the future.

Maybe they will realize someday what the scene did for them and in all those years where TP
was still a *great* place for them to have fun, meet friends and have great competitions
in a pretty big location which always had its special atmosphere.

So it's really hard for me to say the following this year as well:

TP IS *DEAD* ... :-((

But what would be THE SCENE if they would surrender now when losing a former nice event
to a horde of commercial g(l)amers?!

Nothing! Right!!?

THE SCENE will live on...and that's the reason that I'm also happy to announce maybe and
hopefully a *NEW* chance in establishing a *NEW* scene-party for this year
where every scener is invited to attend and have at least the same *SCENE-FUN* as on the
good old and early TP's back in the days...


So here's a possible alternative called TUM'02 this year which will be organized
by some freaky sceners in Mannheim / Germany at the *SAME* date as TP had
taken place all the years: 27th - 29th of december !!

Please *CHECK* their official website at: -=> <=-

There's a lot of information online also including a party-list of visitors who
are planning to attend this re-born event this year to support the organizers with
a lot of *SCENE-PRESENCE* there.

Well, although there won't be a THE BUS trip to this event this year already - as of
time-pressure - I'm quite positive anyways that it shouldn't be too difficult
for *ALL* of you to manage a way to get there anyways...

If this year's TUM'02 will be quite a success there's surely a chance for a THE BUS tour
next year to help them out even more...

So this is *YOUR* chance now to support a fresh'n'freaky *NEW* scene-party build up for
our future in simply supporting their effort with *YOUR* presence there and of
course *COOL* competition releases.

What do you think?! ;-) Doesn't this sound great, or what!? ;-D

Let's move it and show them all that the *SCENE* is faaaaaaaaar away from being dead...
as bad tongues always would like to announce all the time.


Thanks for reading and supporting...
Feel free to use our board-section on this site to leave your comments or
whatever you'd like to write down!

See ya' all at TUM in december I hope...

...your THE BUS organizer!

...and never forget to SPREAD the word to *ALL* sceners you know

March 26th 2002:  Better Late Than Never: THE (bus) PARTY PICS 2001 !!!
Hello sceners...

It's unbelievable but true!

***** THE BUS PARTY PICS 2001 are finally online!!! *****

Feel free to browse them here:

Hope you still enjoy 'em and please cross your fingers
for maybe a very interesting change concerning a possible
'THE BUS 2002' project at the end of this year! ;-)

Stay tuned...more infos will be release on here when time
has come!

Keep the SCENE spirit alive!

YOUR THE BUS Oragnizer

...but now let's have fun at MEKKA SYMPOSIUM the next weekend! ;-D

December 28th 2001:  2nd day - 2nd LIVE news!
Hi everybody...

Well, another day...another news!
(The net is working for the moment! ;-) )

Currents status:
"Press Play On Tape" is doing their sound check and it really sounds great already!
Guess this will be definitely one highlight of this year's TP then!

Also demo (well, although it's combined (pc&amiga) this year! :-( ) c64 and wild!-competiton are still to come! Chances are that there are some nice entries as let's wait and see!

In general the atmo at this year's TP isn't that great than the years before...
It might be that this has been the last year for 'THE BUS' maybe...cause of lack of real scene spirit at the TP place !

But you know I'm trying to be as objective as I'll surely _not_ make a final decision from here...but later on next year when all has settled a bit..and reviews are over and stuff...

So I'm still trying to stay positive though... ;-)

See ya' in my next live-update here soon!

THE BUS - organizer!

December 27th 2001:  1st LIVE POST from THE PARTY 2k1 !!
Hello everybody...

(...not at TP 2k1 probably!)

It's 10pm right now and this is my first news-update live from the party place!

Well, it's sop late as the network has certain problems all the time making it impossible to get 'out' to anywhere!

On the other side it works pretty fast IF it works..! :-)

More short news:
- the opening ceremony was delayed for about 1 hour.

- certain other fun-shows also had certain delays...
(well, seems that we are really at a 'party as usual' ;-) )

- in general there are pretty less scener around this time...
This might be because of those busts in the scene (and in dk) recently...but also because things and 'tp behaviour' changes to get a bit worse every year... :-/

It's really sad to see that the organizers (who seem to be no real sceners anymore and therefore make decisions which are pretty 'weird'... in my opinion...)
e.g. speaking about the most silly idea ever, like 'combined intro and demo copmetitions'.. :-(

let's see what'll happen the next few hours...I'll try to keey you all updated with more posts (if the net will make it possible here... ;-) )

THE BUS organizer!

November 30th 2001:  Additional NEW PICK-UP for this year\'s THE BUS !!!
Hi sceners,

I'm happy to announce that there will be another pickup-point
for this year's THE BUS trip!

It'll be near 'Bremen' at a huge shopping mall area where
also a Burger King restaurant is located which THE BUS attenders
will 'slightly besiege' for some 'minutes' I guess! ;-D

The 'route' page is updated soon as well as the register
form in the 'join'-section.

That's it for today.

Keep the SCENE SPIRIT alive and see ya' all at THE PARTY 2k1 !

THE BUS - organizer!

November 20th 2001:  TP is coming closer!

November is reaching its end and that means that TP is coming
closer and closer finally!

As you can see there are currently just SOME people
listed online here that have already wired their BUS MONEY
to register their seats in the bus!

Although like almost 30 people have already pre-registered
too less of them have also sent the money to make their pre-registration
final then.

So here's my REQUEST to ALL people who signed in for THE BUS
Otherwise I can't promise any of you a seat in THE BUS neither at The Party at all!!

Thanks for reading and PLEASE act NOW !!

Your THE BUS - organizer !

October 20th 2001:  Special news: How to show up with your handle in the \'LIST\' !!
Hey everybody...

As some people asked me why their registration they made isn't still listed
in the LIST (bus-attenders) section of the website, I'll explain in the following: ;-)

1.) When you have filled out the online registration form I'll get notified about it per mail!
Then I'll mark you as 'possible bus-attender' and pre-serve your seat 'behind the scenes' so to say! ;-)

2.) If you carefully read the online registration you should have seen that I'll put people
online on the list when they have successfully wired the bus-money to the given bacnk-account!
That way everybody can easiy see without haveing to write mail after mail to me if his money
came through successfully and can be then sure that his seat in THE BUS and at THE PARTY
is booked for SURE !!

Isn't that an easy thing for all? ;-)

So PLEASE...everybody who has already registered...
Simply WIRE your money to the bank account and see
your name being listed AT ONCE after that in the 'LIST'
section online to be able to verify...

Thanks for READING... ;-D

See ya' soon,
The Bus - organizer

...SPREAD the word and ENTER THE BUS if you consider yourself a REAL SCENER! ;-)

October 11th 2001:  OFFICIAL OPENING for THE BUS 2001 !!!
Hello everybody...

today is the day to officially announce the RE-OPENING
of THE BUS homepage for this year's THE BUS 2001 trip
to Aars / Denmark...

So feel free to use the ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM
as well as THE BOARD (guestbook) for talking to all
your scene-pals around.

And please SPREAD THE WORD about this site to many
other sceners you know!

Thanks in advance...and see you all SOON then!

(your THE BUS organizer!)

September 6th 2001:  THE BUS 2001 - it will happen !!!
Hello Sceners...

This is just a QUICK NOTE to let you know that this site will be opened SHORTLY again for all of you to be able to REGISTER FOR THE BUS 2001 TRIP to The Party 2001 in Denmark again...

So check here regularyly to find latest news and be the FIRST to register *YOUR* seat on THE BUS 2001 ...!!! ;-D

The Bus - Organizer

January 10th 2001:  THE BUS 2000 FOTOS FINALLY ONLINE !!!

well, after 10 days we finally made it...THE PHOTOS are finally

Check it out at: (forgive weasel, he does not know about upper/lowercase in domains :) )

There is no additional link in the please use
THIS LINK ABOVE here to get to the page...

ALL bus attenders and some more sceners also have got a
seperate notification e-mail as well...!

Enjoy the show and see ya' ALL hopefully soon at:


and of course at this year's:

THE PARTY 2001 - The Next SCENE Generation Party !!

Have a great time and KEEP THE SPIRIT ALIVE!

Juergen (Weasel)
THE BUS Organzier !

January 8th 2001:  Soon: THE PARTY 2000 BUS FOTOS !!
Hi everybody...

SOON you'll be able to have a look at the OFFICIAL
"The Party Bus 2000 FOTOS" in a nice gallery on here!

So be patient..and come back you don't miss
that great event...!!

Fully uncensored and unedited...!! Yeah..! ;-D

TP2000 Bus photograph! ;-)

December 31st 2000:  HAPPY NEW YEAR...
Hi everybody...

some further news at this point about several things:

- check out THE PARTY HOMEPAGE at !!
they really show this year that they learned A LOT about how to
make it better...Back To The Roots...!!!
They changed the complete intro-info and updated a lot about
what will come in the next weeks etc...!

- All of the photos from THE BUS I've taken will be online shortly
during the next few days on this page (hopefully)...
So check by on a regular basis for ore detailed infos soon...!

And now...

See ya' soon,

...and don't forget to SPREAD THE WORD to AS MANY SCENERS AS
POSSIBLE...!!! The Party really deserves my personal opinion!! They
really showed their WILL this year from their side!

December 30th 2000:  FINAL THE PARTY 2000 REPORT (Part #4)
Yooooo Sceners...

here's my last party-report LIVE from The Party 2000 !!!

12:00 : Pricegiving startet...
-------- Some of this year's really deserving winners are:

c-64 DEMO competition: 1. Starburst 96 - Padua
PC 64k Intro competition: 1. The Product - Farbrausch !!!
PC Demo competition: 1. Love Creation MAX - Inf
Wild! Demo competition: 1. Back To BASICs - Hybris / Nemesis

Get the full results list directly from THEPARTY.DK homepage well
as those releases...they are REALLY worth watching...!

Finally BACK home after a very interesting TP 2000 - Back To The Roots...
Will now get some very necessary sleep for the next hours I guess...

My personal and final opinion of this year's special event is:
...that the TP-orga team really DID their way to get their motto 'Back To The Roots'
come TRUE...!! The only thing that really kinda sucked was that MANY of the so-called SCENE
and SCENERS weren't there and so don't gave TP their RESPECT and at first a real CHANCE for
their special event this year...!! That was really sad to see...

I think...TP is definitely on its way to become a SCENE party again...
Of course there might be still the one or other small point that still need to
be 'fixed' for coming years...but they really SHOWED this year that they still KNOW
what the word SCENE means to them...

Best way to describe it from my side would be:
Now it's OUR TURN to simply get as MANY SCENERS as possible going to
TP next year again to simply FILL UP ALL of the THREE HALLS with 'em...
So that any gamers (this year mostly in hall 2 and Hall 1 was SCENE only!)
won't have any room anyways...that way we would get what we _ALL_ wanna seem to
have...!! Wouldn't we...!? ;-)

I just wanna point out my HIGHLY RESPECT at least SOME of the organizers that really
did THEIR BEST to make 'Back To The Roots' coming 'as true as possible' there were:

- HEAVYHEAD: You really did probably one of the GREATEST JOBS you ever did for a
--------------------- TP, Thomas...Thank you for believing in THE SCENE..and trying to support it
where ever you can...continue your great work also in future and TP will be on its right
way again....back to the roots...where it belongs...! ;-)

- Stripe: Really great job as well, Per...Thanks for supporting me and my (scene) bus as well
----------- as your fine work during TP...keeping the technical side up and runnning no matter what
suddenly happens... (we won't ever forget your JUMP AND RUNNING to the beamer backstage when
the short loss of main power occured... ;-)) Really GREAT action, pal...! ;-) )

- Warchild: Really nice and funny talks...thanks for all your support during TP as well...
-------------- Hope to see ya' at Mekka Symposium 2001 as well again...
Stay the way you are...and you will also stay part of leading TP back to its roots again!!

- Nerve: Hi Alan...we met first time this year...and I can just say you really know how to
---------- help out people with certain problems they might have...!!
Hope we'll meet a lot as well in the future (M+S?!) and latest at next year's TP 2001 again...
Just keep my bus-tickets ready beneath your desk... ;-)

Of course my thanks have to go to _most_ of the TP orgas for this year's event...
Be sure I'll do my best to SPREAD THE WORD to finally destroy those stupid
image rumours in the SCENE about finally help it getting back to 'scene'
again...for future events and FUN-action in Aars / Denmark... !!!

See ya' all and also wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR now...

Juergen (Weasel)
The Bus - Organizer !!

December 29th 2000:  LIVE AT THE PARTY 2000 (Part #3)

here's another part of my live report from The Party 2000.
So enjoy...

still at 28th:

18:00 : Flash demo compo startet....with pretty less entries and no real special ones
-------- either...! :-/

20:00 : Amiga demo compo startet...also with very few entries only...with no really interesting
-------- stuff...! Although the scene KNEW that this year it's 'Back To The Roots' they didn't
really care...and therefore there have been too less sceners at all...
although The Party did their BEST in keeping the motto coming true!!!

23:00 : 'Press Play On Tape' Concert startet...
-------- They are a live music (scene) band playing classic c-64 game hits with
live instruments....!!!
It REALLY ROOOOCKED !!! That was really one of the best events
from THE PARTY 2000 ever....(lasting 60 minutes...)

now it's 29th Dec. :

00:30 : PC Demo compo startet....only 11 entries were shown...
-------- 3 of 'em were pretty very nice...the rest was average...and due to the
LACK OF SCENERS this was pretty sad to see that few nice entries

04:00 : C-64 demo compo startet...
-------- That one was really depressing...only 5 entries all in all...
3 of 'em were from the SAME (bad) coder ... and suck!ed!
The PADUA demo was really outstanding compared to the others...
although it consisted of old routines from '96 only...
And AGAIN...only because of a LACK OF SCENERS at THE PARTY 2k... :-(

06:00 : Wild! Demo compo startet...13 entries were shown...
-------- Again Hybris / Nemesis (last year's winner with 'South Party') had
one contribution....and compared to only about 3 other 'real' entries...
they will surely have the BEST chance to win (again!)...

Graham had final problems getting his REALLY cool commodore wild demo onto video tape...
Therefore it couldn't be shown finally....that pretty sucked... :-/

Well, now all the compo's are over (7:45) and final voting is done...
around 12:00 will be the price giving and closing ceremony for this year's
The Party 2000 - Back To The Roots...

So see ya' a bit later then again...


December 28th 2000:  LIVE - TP 2000 REPORT #2...

Well, LOTS happened since my last report yesterday...
Sorry..hadn't a real chance to update the news here in finally
I managed to do it now...

06:10 : A quite tragic incident happened when someone from our bus-
-------- attendants had kinda mental breakdown. He fell off his chair and
injured himself at his head....this caused some trouble when he suddenly
couldn't breath anymore ... the ambulance had to come and took him
and a scene-friend to the Farsoe hospital...

08:30 : I got a call from his pal and he told me that things cleared up in the hospital
-------- and it was nothing really serious with him...but he had to stay till noon for
further observation...

09:20 : The starting of a pretty NICE 64k intro competition started...

09:39 : DURING THE COMPO we had a fine and for just THREE SECONDS
--------- lasting 'global' POWER LOSS....remembering everybody AT ONCE at 1997
with its nice 5 hour power-breakdown...! ;-)
BIIIIG funny yelling in the whole hall started...
Reason: the local power-station had a short breakdown and nearly WHOLE
Aars had no power for several minutes.... ;-)))

10:30 : After restarting all the systems and checking the big screen and several other
-------- things...the 64k INTRO COMPO WAS RE-STARTED from the beginning...

11:10 : The ABSOLUT HIGHLIGHT just began...!
--------- 'The Product' 64k intro entry from FARBRAUSCH (chaos, kb, fiver2, ryg, doj, yoda)
was - or better - IS the REALLY BEST in "art of demo-coding" what I've seen so far...
simply GET THAT piece of PERFECT work and spread it WOLDWIDE, guys...!!!!!!!!!

15:00 : The 4k intro compo was cancelled due to too less entries...! :-/

16:30 : The legendary Coca Cola Crashing event started...
-------- ...and ended with a NEW RECORD: ~8 secs... for
emptying a 1 liter coca cola bottle...!!!

17:00 : C-64 Graphics compo was held with 7 entries...

Ok...that should be another short overview of this year's THE PARTY 2000 - Back To The Roots !

See ya' pretty soon on here again..! ;-)


December 27th 2000:  LIVE AT THE PARTY 2000 ! (Report)
Hi everybody...

I'll try to give you some news info live from THE PARTY during the next two days...
Just to kepp ALL of you informed, who could NOT attend this event...

07:30 : We arrived at THE PARTY 2000...
Some usual (bus) organizing stuff to do... ;-)

15:00 : Official opening ceremony was held!
Was wuite nice with lightshow and a nice video-cut at the big screen!
(although I (we) expected a bit more from such a
special event like THIS year with the 'Back To The Roots'-motto!

19:00 : A Powerbox mounted at the wall behind us BURNED DOWN with nice
flames and some smoking...! ;-)) This one remembered a bit 'back to the roots'
at 1997 and 'Batteries not included' with its complete power failure for
about five hours...! ;-)))

19:31 : Finally I got my notebook (with a 10mbit card) to work to go online...
(we first got a hub here with 100mbit only! ;-) so
I needed to turn it into a real switch !!)

19:36 : Watching certain old-school amiga demos on the big screen...
(shown just for fun...currently 'State of the art' from spaceballs!!
only thing's played mono...just one speaker is on...Hmm ;-) )

19:45 : Guys from the Power Crew are working at the crashed power-box
to get it fixed 100% again...(no real power loss happened....yet!)
But to be sure they are changing some burned cables inside! ;-) that should be all for the moment...need to get some other web-stuff done here...

See ya' soon..and keep coming back here SOON...for MORE interesting
'Back To The Roots' - News from THE PARTY 2000...

Enjoing it...

December 25th 2000:  INFO zur mail-info...

weil ein paar Leute gefragt haben:

In der e-mail stand im Punkt 2.), dass Ihr nicht vergessen sollt daenische kronen
zu wechseln...zusaeztlich ein Wert in Klammern!

Dieser Wert (100DKK ~ 27DM) sollte ein RICHTWERT bzw. WECHSELKURS sein,
damit Ihr ungefaehr wisst, wieviel Ihr wechseln solltet!!
(Einige meinten, dass genau diese Summe gewechselt werden sollte! Das sollte es
NICHT bedeuten...! ;-) Ihr koennt natuerlich so viel wechseln, wie Ihr wollt! ;-) )

Aber inzwischen waer's ja eh' zu spaet, weil nur noch Feiertage sind...

Sorry fuer dieses u.U. Missverstaendnis..!

Bis morgen im Bus,

December 24th 2000:  Be at THE PARTY 2000 !!!

First of all:

a MERRY X-MAS to you ALL !!! Have a great party with your friends and family!

And now I wanna just tell you ALL...

It's just two days left till the legendary THE BUS 2000 TRIP to this year's
"Back To The Roots" - Event of the year: The Party 2000 ! will head off!

If YOU won't be there this year...I can ALREADY tell you:


So if you still got a chance to change your mind and to attend TP...DO SO! and
GET THERE in time...!!

See ya' all there...

Your THE BUS organizer,

December 16th 2000:  Special NEWS for SHAGRATH...
- Special News - Special News - Special News -

There are no special news available at this moment!

- Special News - Special News - Special News -



...but SOON there will be more! So come back regularyly, everyone!

December 11th 2000:  CHECK THE LIST...

please go to the LIST section and check your actual
status of your bus registration and all the data published in
the list...

Is everything correct...!? (important: check again the PICK UP POINT!)
If there is anything wrong write an email to me AT ONCE!

write to:

YOUR The Bus organizer!

...everybody who is listed has wired the money successfully
till now! everybody else NOT listed has still NO VALID reservation
as of not wiring the money till HURRY UP if you still care!

December 7th 2000:  CHECK OUT THE NEWS SECTION...
Hi everybody...

today I'm just here to tell you to CHECK OUT THE NEWS SECTION
on a REGULAR BASIS from now on...

There wil lbe posted several IMPORTANT NEWS on certain organizing
things for ALL OF YOU...(who have signed THE BUS _successfully_ !
Meaning: successfully wired money and registering ...)

So STAY TUNED and come back OFTEN...

your THE BUS organizer

Hi everybody...

As you can see in the LIST section there are still pretty LESS
entries of BUS ATTENDERS...

This is cause of TOO LESS people having already wired the BUS MONEY
to the bank account...

Although QUITE MANY guys have REGISTERED for THE BUS...they haven't
wired the money yet. (Remember: you'll be entered in the LIST at once
when your transaction is received successfully !!!)

At this point I can only say: FIRST COME FIRST SERVE !!!

Think about that as almost EVERYBODY wants to take a computer to this
year's The Party. And as BUS SPACE is of course LIMITED there will be
the ONLY chance to MAKE SURE that you can really take your equipment
with you if you wired the money for registration IN TIME and AS SOON
AS only THEN you can be SURE that your space is 100%
set for you.

Well, and on the other hand I'd like you to think also about ME as *YOUR*
THE BUS ORGANIZER that I've got still lotsa things to arrange to make
this year's bus as successful as every year...and therefore I'd also
be glad if I received the bus money IN for further organization

So I repeat myself here to *ALL* guys NOT having sent the money yet:


Thanks for reading AND acting,
*your* Bus Organizer

Hi my friends,

today I'm here to SPREAD THE WORD of one of my best scene friends
and TP organizer HEAVY HEAD...

Since today there is the OFFICIAL TP-SCENE-table reservation system ONLINE...

So hurry up and tell ALL your scene-friends about this.
THE PARTY IS *really* GOING 'BACK TO THE ROOTS' ... so support this as well this year!

And never forget:
For ALL my bus-attenders I've the service that NO ONE has to hassle about
party-entrance tickets and/or table-reservations...

IT IS *ALL* DONE FOR you can be SURE you'll have BEST SEATS in HALL 1 !!!
(if you go by THE BUS !! ;-) )

So hurry up and sign up for THE BUS here...

Bye yours,
THE BUS - organizer...

...all others *NOT* going by THE BUS:
...get your tickets and tables faaast at:

========----finally here the original email message from Heavy Head...

Hello everyone!

The Party has now opened the table reservation page, but ONLY for the sceners so far.

Check it out at

and help spreading the word, so Hall 1 can be 100% sceners only...

Please forward this mail to every scener you know, so that everyone has a chance of getting a seat!

========----end of quote...

November 2nd 2000:  HELP ME FILLING THE BUS...

well, as in the past few days the registrations for THE BUS slowed down 'too much' in my opinion...

It would be VERY NICE from _every single_ visitor on here to SPREAD the word around to all your scene-friends you get 'em here on the site and registering... :-)

Thanks for any help from ALL of you guys... :-)

Also think about WIRING THE BUS MONEY ASAP... as it's IMPORTANT for me to know about all the bus attenders IN TIME who will be REALLY in...

Thanks in advance...


...remember: THE BUS project is done FOR YOU please support it the same way as in case there might be too less people in the end...NO ONE will have a perfect ride to this year's THE PARTY...! ;-D

...and I'm sure you don't want THAT, do you..!? ;-)

October 19th 2000:  Getting on the LIST here at the site!
Every registration for THE BUS will be listed _officially_ in the LIST section
after the _complete_ amount of money is successfully received on the
given bank account...

So please take that few minutes to send your money-order on its way
as soon as possible to finish your registration _in time_ !

Thanks in advance for your support...


...please think about that: It's just some more important organization to do
than having to 'hunt' after every single person to have sent the money finally...

October 16th 2000:  Mail sent out...
Welcome visitor...

I hope I did NOT annoy you with my info mail.
But as you are willing to check out the site I guess you have no hard feelings...

Feel free to look around and of course don't forget to:


I will try to inform you as regular as possible on this site
about anything what's NEW concerning TP and of course

So check out the site regularyly...


October 16th 2000:  The goes online!
Grab this opportunity to sign up for the bus to TP this year
without much ado.